Benefits Of Our Pets

Having a dog or cat at home reduces the risk of developing certain diseases such as the flu or colds. Children who have pets at home suffer less from respiratory, and ear infections. They consume fewer antibiotics than others.

Reduce the risk of allergy and asthma in children

Babies and children who have the chance to grow up with a cat or a dog (especially during the first year of their life), are less at risk of allergy or asthma than others.

Good for the mind

Everyone knows animals calm us, reassure us, promote our social life: they are very often the object of our discussions with the neighbors, our friends or our acquaintances.
They can reduce the risk of depression and help us through the trials of life.

As a result, they reduce spending on psychotropic drugs.

Good for the line

Dog owners have a decreased risk of obesity due to an increase in their physical activity to walk their companion. It would seem that even people who have cats would do more physical exercise than others: the cat would give us his energy and give us the energy to move and play sports.

Animals also have a regulating effect on the bulimic behavior of some people.

Good for the development of our children

Caring for an animal, feeding it, strolling it, caressing it and giving it affection allows the child to increase his self-confidence. The animal represents at the same time his confidant, his partner of games, his accomplice.

The pet is also an element of appeasement and safety for the little ones. It has a stabilizing effect on their psychological development.

Helps the sick, and the elderly to feel better

Rest homes that allow the presence of pets have decreased drug use.
In addition to the benefits on physical well-being, the presence of a cat or a dog soothes, reassures, calm. It is undeniable psychological support for an elderly person.

Animals are also very useful for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, children with autism, or for the treatment of psychological disorders and behavioral disorders.

For people with serious illnesses, having a pet helps to fight to heal. The concept of pet therapy is also well known: it is a question of curing or improving the condition of certain patients through contact with animals.

Our animals bring us much more than we imagine.
So do not deprive yourself, indulge yourself, adopt an animal!

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Pit Bull Aggression

The Pit Bull is a medium-sized dog breed which is typically between 17 – 21 inches in length and 13 – 27 kg in weight depending on gender with males bigger than the females of the breed. They are intelligent and characterized by short hair and muscular body.

Why are pit bulls naturally aggressive you may ask! Although dog aggression is a major problem which cuts across all dog breeds, the pit bull has gained more negative publicity for being very aggressive and not fit to be kept as a pet in the home or around people. There have been cases of pit bull aggression especially towards little children and the elderly promoting the fear-based reputation of this dog breed but nothing could be far from the truth. The attacks are generally caused by poor care and training by negligent owners who abuse the dogs creating an unbalanced animal that easily snaps and attacks when it feels its territory is been breached.

Pit Bulls are very powerful dogs, they are energetic and quite agile. these qualities make them perfect for people who love the great outdoors giving the pit bull enough activity to spend its energy.With proper training and socialization, the Pit Bull makes an excellent companion for humans. Adults and children alike. They are smart, intelligent, sociable and very loyal to their masters.

Unfortunately, their strength and intelligence have made them vulnerable to criminal minded people who breed and train them for the purpose of violent dog fights giving them the reputation of aggressive dog breeds to be kept away from normal people. With dogs, negative behavior is not premeditated. The problem starts when the dog is breed only for financial profit while it’s training for positive interactions with humans is neglected.

This problem can be resolved easily when people look into their schedule and lifestyle before adopting a dog and also the discouragement of violent dog fights which encourages violent training and abuse of pit bulls. It is also important to make the dog aware that you are the pack leader and he has to follow your rules. Exercise your dog regularly and make sure you teach your child and others around you how to properly interact with your dog to eliminate the possibility of your dog reacting in self-defense.





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Common cooking accesories

There are many kitchen accessories that you must be aware of if you want to be the best chef. We will go over a few types of them below.

Those with an engine

The hand mixer is less cumbersome than the stand mixer (ex. large kitchen Aid mixers) but is less convenient when you need to beat for several minutes. So both have their advantages.

The mixer on a stand, better known under the anglicism “blender” allows liquefying any mixture. I use mine mainly to make smoothies, milkshakes or to grind ice.

Finally, a food processor is especially handy for making a batter, or for chopping or grading plenty of fruits, vegetables, cheese, and nuts.

Another thing that cant be ignored is the garbage disposal. While it isn’t used for cooking your cleanup job will be much easier with one of these. Go see some on this site

Oven Accessories

In the oven, there is the category of molds and plates. For each type of mold, there are different sizes. It is not necessary to have all the variations. It all depends on the space available and the number of people to be fed. Here are the ones I consider most useful:

A spring pan, a square pan, a round cake pan, a pie plate, a bread pan, a muffin pan, rectangular Pyrex molds, cookie sheets and a roasting pan. And if you have nostalgic fiber, why not a Bunt cake pan!

Stovetop Products

Nothing is better than being well equipped with stoves, pots, and pans. Again, assess the needs of people: the space and the amount of production for the selection of these items. To get the most out of pots and pans, go for quality. You will never lose. For a family of 4, I would say:

At least 3 pans (one small, one medium and one large);
from 2 to 3 stoves, including at least one non-stick (again, small, medium and large).

Hope that you enjoyed this quick list. Now get out there and make some food.

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About Golden Retrievers Food

A golden retriever is normally nursed by their mothers from birth to an age of 6 to 7 weeks. When they are three weeks old, they are given soaked puppy food which is made into a warm cruel. They quickly get used to the food. One should therefore give
them the same food they are used to as the younger ones can be very sensitive
to the changes in the type of food.

A golden retriever of age below three months needs to be given food at least three times
in a day at 6-7a.m in the morning, in the midday and 5-6p.m in the evening. It
is very important to give them nutritious kind of food with vitamins.

An adult golden retriever should be feed with at least two to three cups of a quality dog food each day. When selecting the kind of food, you should check for brands which
have top quality animal protein with the main source of fats sourced from
animal fats and minimum amount t of grains. Additionally, one needs to
eliminate dog food having byproducts and other artificial additives. They can
be given snacks such as broccoli, carrots, and apples.

retreiverThe amount of food given to the retriever each day will also depend on the following
g factors: the metabolism, the age, the activity level and the health. Puppies
of ages four to seven grow rapidly and they should, therefore, be given high-quality
food with fewer calories to prevent them from developing born disorders.

When feeding them we can determine how much they should be given by feeling
their ribs. They should also be given cool and fresh water to take. You should
not let them eat freely but make them eat on scheduled time only. You can,
therefore, train the adults to eat two times a day while the younger ones eat at
least three times a day. This transition of puppy food to adult food occurs
when they are twelve to twenty weeks old.

Also make sure that you have a good dog box to keep your golden in when you take it out hunting.  This is a good one here.


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What Are Online Pokies?

The origin of the word online pokies is from Australia. It generally refers to the online slot machines that are popularly being used in online casinos. In the early days, most of the bars and clubs in Australia had a special room mainly designed for pokies. Now with the invention of the computer, many land-based pokies are completely being transformed into online pokies. You get a variety of games in pokies.

Very soon all the games that are found in the casinos will be replaced with online pokies. Most slot machines that are found in the casinos are the Australian Poker Machines. Australian gaming machine manufacturers account for the majority of the slot machines found in casinos, bar, and clubs. Australian Poker Machine is the one that is commonly
found in popular casinos and clubs.


Kinds Of Online Pokies

Based on the features, they can be classified as follows.

Classic Slot Games: They are the actual transformation of land-based classic slot game one-arm bandit. These games are very simple to play and most of them come with the three-reel option only.

They usually come with single payline and in some cases also available in three or five paylines. Though they are the very old form of slot games, their online version is equally popular in online pokies.

This is because they provide a chance to win high amount as the jackpot for a small amount of bet. Some popular classic games in online pokies include diamond deal and bull’s eye.

Slot Games With Video Feature: By making use of the latest technology, they have a range of video slot games. These games are popular among the gamers as they provide much excitement and fun. There are many varieties of games under this category. Their pay line range between five and 25. Anybody can play these games in online pokies as they require only minimum amount as bet. These games have become popular due to their added special effects and also themes provided in them. The theme-based video slot games are a major hit among the gamers as they are based on special characters like the Hulk and others.

Bonus Games: Of all the online pokies, this category provides lot of excitement and thrill. While playing the normal games when the player hits on a special combination he will be given another screen containing the bonus game for free. Therefore, the player gets another chance to win some extra money if he hits the right winning combination. Thunderstruck is the most popular bonus game which has left many players going crazy with excitement.

Games with Progressive Slots: These games are the dream of any gamer. The main reason is the large amount of jackpot that it contains. This makes it popular among the online casinos. The main winning strategy for this game is to play with maximum coins and therefore increase your probability of winning the jackpot. Gold rally and millionaire
club are some of the popular pokies under this category.

Of all the slot machine games, they are considered to be very simple as they do not contain any hard game rules. All you need is lady luck on your side and the right strategy to hit the

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Fighting in Hockey

What are your top favorite hockey players?  Here are mine in no particular order.

  1. Shea Weber
  2. Duncan Keith
  3. John Tavares
  4. Erik Karlsson
  5. Drew Doughty
  6. Patrice Bergeron
  7. Carey Price
  8. Sidney Crosby
  9. Ryan Getzlaf
  10. Alex Ovechkin

Theres no better sport than hockey I fucking love it when they go crazy and fight!  Heres a video of my favorite hockey fights!!!

Should fighting be banned in hockey?


Abolishing the fights would increase violence and vicious shots.  Since players can not settle their scores by engaging in combat, they should do so by means of sneaky and illegal moves that would put the opponent in a position where injuries are almost inevitable! However, surprising and predictable at the same time, the main opponents to the ban of fighting are the players themselves! According to a survey by the NHLPA and CBC in 2011, the vast majority of players, if not all, 98% are in favor of keeping fighting in the league.

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