About Golden Retrievers Food

A golden retriever is normally nursed by their mothers from birth to an age of 6 to 7 weeks. When they are three weeks old, they are given soaked puppy food which is made into a warm cruel. They quickly get used to the food. One should therefore give
them the same food they are used to as the younger ones can be very sensitive
to the changes in the type of food.

A golden retriever of age below three months needs to be given food at least three times
in a day at 6-7a.m in the morning, in the midday and 5-6p.m in the evening. It
is very important to give them nutritious kind of food with vitamins.

An adult golden retriever should be feed with at least two to three cups of a quality dog food each day. When selecting the kind of food, you should check for brands which
have top quality animal protein with the main source of fats sourced from
animal fats and minimum amount t of grains. Additionally, one needs to
eliminate dog food having byproducts and other artificial additives. They can
be given snacks such as broccoli, carrots, and apples.

retreiverThe amount of food given to the retriever each day will also depend on the following
g factors: the metabolism, the age, the activity level and the health. Puppies
of ages four to seven grow rapidly and they should, therefore, be given high-quality
food with fewer calories to prevent them from developing born disorders.

When feeding them we can determine how much they should be given by feeling
their ribs. They should also be given cool and fresh water to take. You should
not let them eat freely but make them eat on scheduled time only. You can,
therefore, train the adults to eat two times a day while the younger ones eat at
least three times a day. This transition of puppy food to adult food occurs
when they are twelve to twenty weeks old.

Also make sure that you have a good dog box to keep your golden in when you take it out hunting.  This is a good one here.


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