Benefits Of Our Pets

Having a dog or cat at home reduces the risk of developing certain diseases such as the flu or colds. Children who have pets at home suffer less from respiratory, and ear infections. They consume fewer antibiotics than others.

Reduce the risk of allergy and asthma in children

Babies and children who have the chance to grow up with a cat or a dog (especially during the first year of their life), are less at risk of allergy or asthma than others.

Good for the mind

Everyone knows animals calm us, reassure us, promote our social life: they are very often the object of our discussions with the neighbors, our friends or our acquaintances.
They can reduce the risk of depression and help us through the trials of life.

As a result, they reduce spending on psychotropic drugs.

Good for the line

Dog owners have a decreased risk of obesity due to an increase in their physical activity to walk their companion. It would seem that even people who have cats would do more physical exercise than others: the cat would give us his energy and give us the energy to move and play sports.

Animals also have a regulating effect on the bulimic behavior of some people.

Good for the development of our children

Caring for an animal, feeding it, strolling it, caressing it and giving it affection allows the child to increase his self-confidence. The animal represents at the same time his confidant, his partner of games, his accomplice.

The pet is also an element of appeasement and safety for the little ones. It has a stabilizing effect on their psychological development.

Helps the sick, and the elderly to feel better

Rest homes that allow the presence of pets have decreased drug use.
In addition to the benefits on physical well-being, the presence of a cat or a dog soothes, reassures, calm. It is undeniable psychological support for an elderly person.

Animals are also very useful for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, children with autism, or for the treatment of psychological disorders and behavioral disorders.

For people with serious illnesses, having a pet helps to fight to heal. The concept of pet therapy is also well known: it is a question of curing or improving the condition of certain patients through contact with animals.

Our animals bring us much more than we imagine.
So do not deprive yourself, indulge yourself, adopt an animal!

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