Best Dog Breeds Of All Time

Today there are many families or people who need a dog at home, mainly for the purpose of the dog serving as a guardian of the home and the one that provides a bit of affection.

Dog as man’s best friend is a faithful animal that brings joy to his masters. If you want to adopt a dog and you want to know its characteristics here, we will talk about the personality of these best dog breeds of all time.

What are the most loving dogs?

These animals are like us, humans have their character and personality. Although all dogs are faithful and affectionate, we will give you information on the dog profile that best suits you.

Do not forget that education has an important role in the behavior of your animal.

Most affectionate dog breeds:

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is an extremely affectionate dog, it has a patient and pleasant personality. It is like the ideal companion labrador for children who will appreciate your kindness. These two dogs are used to be guides or for therapies, that is to say their calm and docile character.

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog with its stuffed face is a very calm animal that likes to receive caresses. He is so peaceful that he likes slow walks. Ideal for people of age and for children. On the contrary, a very active dog,


Dalmatian is also very affectionate, likes to be at the center of attention that returns with much love.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is known as a faithful animal and ready to defend his master. He is also affectionate and protects the whole family with a lot of loyalty. If you need security for your home and a good relationship with children this is the dog that suits you. It is a dog that solves to be trained to be a guide or policeman and also a lifeguard.


In large dogs, we also find the Boxer, which, although it does not look like it, is an animal that defects from affection; He likes to move and run. He is a faithful and fun friend.


Among the of breeds of small dogs, the Dachshund is usually loving but stubborn. It takes patience to educate but it is worth it since it will give you much joy.