Common cooking accesories

There are many kitchen accessories that you must be aware of if you want to be the best chef. We will go over a few types of them below.

Those with an engine

The hand mixer is less cumbersome than the stand mixer (ex. large kitchen Aid mixers) but is less convenient when you need to beat for several minutes. So both have their advantages.

The mixer on a stand, better known under the anglicism “blender” allows liquefying any mixture. I use mine mainly to make smoothies, milkshakes or to grind ice.

Finally, a food processor is especially handy for making a batter, or for chopping or grading plenty of fruits, vegetables, cheese, and nuts.

Another thing that cant be ignored is the garbage disposal. While it isn’t used for cooking your cleanup job will be much easier with one of these. Go see some on this siteĀ

Oven Accessories

In the oven, there is the category of molds and plates. For each type of mold, there are different sizes. It is not necessary to have all the variations. It all depends on the space available and the number of people to be fed. Here are the ones I consider most useful:

A spring pan, a square pan, a round cake pan, a pie plate, a bread pan, a muffin pan, rectangular Pyrex molds, cookie sheets and a roasting pan. And if you have nostalgic fiber, why not a Bunt cake pan!

Stovetop Products

Nothing is better than being well equipped with stoves, pots, and pans. Again, assess the needs of people: the space and the amount of production for the selection of these items. To get the most out of pots and pans, go for quality. You will never lose. For a family of 4, I would say:

At least 3 pans (one small, one medium and one large);
from 2 to 3 stoves, including at least one non-stick (again, small, medium and large).

Hope that you enjoyed this quick list. Now get out there and make some food.

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