Fighting in Hockey

What are your top favorite hockey players?  Here are mine in no particular order.

  1. Shea Weber
  2. Duncan Keith
  3. John Tavares
  4. Erik Karlsson
  5. Drew Doughty
  6. Patrice Bergeron
  7. Carey Price
  8. Sidney Crosby
  9. Ryan Getzlaf
  10. Alex Ovechkin

Theres no better sport than hockey I fucking love it when they go crazy and fight!  Heres a video of my favorite hockey fights!!!

Should fighting be banned in hockey?


Abolishing the fights would increase violence and vicious shots.  Since players can not settle their scores by engaging in combat, they should do so by means of sneaky and illegal moves that would put the opponent in a position where injuries are almost inevitable! However, surprising and predictable at the same time, the main opponents to the ban of fighting are the players themselves! According to a survey by the NHLPA and CBC in 2011, the vast majority of players, if not all, 98% are in favor of keeping fighting in the league.

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