Pit Bull Aggression

The Pit Bull is a medium-sized dog breed which is typically between 17 – 21 inches in length and 13 – 27 kg in weight depending on gender with males bigger than the females of the breed. They are intelligent and characterized by short hair and muscular body.

Why are pit bulls naturally aggressive you may ask! Although dog aggression is a major problem which cuts across all dog breeds, the pit bull has gained more negative publicity for being very aggressive and not fit to be kept as a pet in the home or around people. There have been cases of pit bull aggression especially towards little children and the elderly promoting the fear-based reputation of this dog breed but nothing could be far from the truth. The attacks are generally caused by poor care and training by negligent owners who abuse the dogs creating an unbalanced animal that easily snaps and attacks when it feels its territory is been breached.

Pit Bulls are very powerful dogs, they are energetic and quite agile. these qualities make them perfect for people who love the great outdoors giving the pit bull enough activity to spend its energy.With proper training and socialization, the Pit Bull makes an excellent companion for humans. Adults and children alike. They are smart, intelligent, sociable and very loyal to their masters.

Unfortunately, their strength and intelligence have made them vulnerable to criminal minded people who breed and train them for the purpose of violent dog fights giving them the reputation of aggressive dog breeds to be kept away from normal people. With dogs, negative┬ábehavior is not premeditated. The problem starts when the dog is breed only for financial profit while it’s training for positive interactions with humans is neglected.

This problem can be resolved easily when people look into their schedule and lifestyle before adopting a dog and also the discouragement of violent dog fights which encourages violent training and abuse of pit bulls. It is also important to make the dog aware that you are the pack leader and he has to follow your rules. Exercise your dog regularly and make sure you teach your child and others around you how to properly interact with your dog to eliminate the possibility of your dog reacting in self-defense.





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